Elite Car Inspections

Pre-purchase Case Studies

Mr Joy from London
booked our inspection services when he was ready to purchase a three year old Porsche Boxster from a garage. He had already paid a deposit and on completion of our inspection he had enough information to obtain his deposit back and look for another vehicle.

Mrs Farnhead from Liverpool
contacted us to arrange a pre purchase inspection on a Audi A7 in Manchester. On completion of our inspection, there was over £950 worth of work required which was carried out by the garage before Mrs Farnhead picked up the car.

Mr Reed from London
contacted us after finding his dream Ferrari on the internet. The only problem was that the car was in Edinburgh. We were able to arrange the inspection and supply sufficient digital images of the vehicle direct to Mr Reed along with the report so he could make a decision to buy the car without having to leave his office.

Mr Roberts from Bristol
contacted us after finding a classic Rolls Royce in a local garage that he wanted to buy. When we inspected the vehicle we found that it had sustained substantial accident damage and the quality of repair was significantly poor. A vehicle data check (HPI) had been carried out and showed no outstanding concerns.

Mrs Stuart from Birmingham
contacted us when she wanted a new car for her son and had found the ideal car in a private sale. The car was a Vauxhall Adam that had some modifications carried out to it. We inspected the vehicle and found that overall the vehicle was in good condition but did require about £450 to be spent on it. Mrs Stuart was slightly unsure about the process so we negotiated on her behalf and managed to knock the seller's asking price down by £700, she bought the car.

Mr Muir from Cardiff
contacted us when he was looking to buy a camper van from a private sale on the south coast. We inspected the camper and found that the vehicle had substantial chassis corrosion and had sustained accident damage to the rear, many of the service records were incomplete and Mr Muir was just about to spent £18000 on a vehicle that he would have regretted.

Mr Hamilton from Manchester
contacted us when he had found his ideal Maserati in London. We inspected the vehicle and found some defects that required attention. We arranged with the seller to have the relevant issues addressed and negotiated £1100 off the asking price. Mr Hamilton decided to purchase the vehicle and we arranged to have the vehicle delivered to his door.

Mrs Gibb from Norwich
contacted us when she wanted to buy her husband a new car for his birthday. She had looked in the local papers and found nothing that he wanted. She then looked on the internet (Autotrader & ebay) and found the ideal car, a 1972 Triumph Stag. She gave us the details and we contacted the seller, arranged the inspection and negotiated on the price. Mrs Gibb purchased the vehicle and saved over £1700 on the asking price.