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Welcome all our international friends. We have found in recent times, a huge increase of customers internationally wanting help to source a specific vehicle or have a car they have already found inspected in the UK or Europe and Exported. And why not? 

Let Elite Inspections take care of everything for you with full detailed international car inspections (including full digital images of the vehicle and of any concerns found) to let you make the right decision and offer. We can even negotiate with the owner on your behalf! And, on top of that, you'll have full verbal direct contact with our engineer who will give you an honest opinion and talk you through any queries putting your mind at ease and helping you make the right decision. If you want help sourcing the right vehicle to have inspected we can even take care of that for you.

Why Should You Export A Car From The UK?

There are a few reasons why you might consider exporting a car from the United Kingdom. The main reasons are simply choice and costs. The United Kingdom has a massive car market dealing in everything from the smallest hatchbacks to the largest performance cars. As a result, the main reason for car shopping in the UK is selection and price. More cars to choose from, which means you can get the exact car you want in the exact specification you want in the exact colour you want.

If you are thinking about it or have found your dream car give us a call today for more information on 0800 248 9048 or alternatively e-mail us at enquiries@eliteinspections.co.uk.

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