Elite Car Inspections

Why Inspect?

Here's why you should choose Elite Inpections. Of the 31 million vehicles currently registered in Britain - and that includes everything on four wheels:

  • 1.6m are in women's names.
  • Companies account for 4.9m registrations.
  • 8.2m vehicles are still with their first owner.
  • 30 out of every 100 are "ON FINANCE".
  • 10 will have had a number plate change.
  • 8 will be showing a mileage discrepancy.
  • 6 are insurance write-offs.
  • 1 will have been stolen.
  • 55 out of 100 vehicles

There has been little change in these figures over the last several years.

These figures do not include imported vehicles.

We can help with expert inspections in the followng areas:

  • Car Inspections
  • Classic and Modified Car Inspections
  • Ebay buyers
  • Irish Car Buyers

BEWARE! A lot of inspection companies will promise that they can help you with problem cases. These companies deal mainly in pre-purchase inspections and can have contracted engineers with little experience or no relevant equipment. Also they will normally only inspect in a basic visual nature. This can be dangerous and costly to you. We want to stress that you should be extremely cautious and be assured that we can provide documents to assure our validity etc.

Car inspections
Registered vehicles
Classic and modified car inspections