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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

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Getting a Motorhome Road Trip Ready by Jackie Edwards

The UK people are hitting the roads at greater quantities than ever before, with over a quarter of all trips taken in 2016 being solely for the purpose of leisure. However, many find themselves underprepared for the realities of maintaining and servicing a motorhome.

In addition to scenic landscapes, the United Kingdom is also home to rugged and rocky hills, torrential rains, and other often unpredictable terrain and hazardous weather patterns which can wreak havoc on a vehicle. Whether you're taking your motorhome anywhere from Cornwall to Edinburgh, you must be ready for any eventuality that might come your way. This can be done by taking necessary steps, including checking for mould and mildew and properly emptying your water system at regular intervals. In addition to at-home maintenance, there are a few things one must do before taking their campervan out on the great open roads of the United Kingdom.

Get a Thorough Inspection

Whether your trip is imminent or is only a far-off dream, it is important to pay careful attention to maintaining the condition of your vehicle. You definitely don't want to end up stranded because your motorhome wasn't ready for the journey you have taken it on. And, while you might feel inclined to do all the checks yourself as part of your grand adventure, it is always best to have a professional do a once over before taking your motorhome roadside. This is crucial to not only ensuring your own safety, but also the safety of other drivers on the road.

Stock Up

If you've already got your motorhome, then you're halfway to hitting the road. Now, you just need to fill it with everything you'll need to ensure your trip moves smoothly forward. Do extra checks to make sure that you have a fully-stocked kitchen, complete with non-perishable meals and a full set of knives and cooking utensils. In addition to making sure bedding and toiletries are in order, you also will want to prepare a first aid kit because you never know what sorts of things you will encounter on your journey.

Know your Route

Even if you are envisioning a carefree trip, which doesn't have every turn plotted out, it is crucial that you have at least a general idea where you are going and a physical map handy in case mobile reception is lost. Plan ahead some major stops and about which days you plan on arriving at them. Let others in your life know that this is your general plan and check-in frequently. This will not only help guarantee your safety, but it will allow others to live vicariously through you, and hopefully inspire them to plan a future UK road trip as well.


The perfect road trip across the United Kingdom involves careful planning and preparation, for both yourself and your motorhome. However, once this is complete, you will be ready and prepared to take on anything you encounter on the roads from Exeter to Aberdeen.


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